Hon. Centenary Robert @centenary
Dear members, am happy to announce a new scholarship scheme in our constituency proudly sponsored by GIZ. I will be responsible for selecting upto 50 needy but brilliant students. Kindly reach out to me if you know someone who can benefit from this. #scholarships #GIZ
09:29 PM - Aug 01, 2022 (E)
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Louis Muhindo @Louis
01 August, 09:54
In response Hon. Centenary Robert to his Publication
Thanx honorable for this. I suggest that we divide these slots equally across all parishes in our constituency.
2. In each parish, respective school admins/ head teachers always know the bright students critically in need. They would therefore provide the best insight in selection🙏
Charles Muhindo @cmuhindo
01 August, 10:02
In response Louis Muhindo to his Publication
I support your thoughts on this @Louis .
Charles Muhindo @cmuhindo
01 August, 09:47
In response Hon. Centenary Robert to his Publication
Thanks alot Hon. For this helpful opportunity.